Skyeskyns Window, Isle of Skye

Skyeskyns window, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skyeskyns Window, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skyeskyns, a family business on the Isle of Skye, offers both tours of their traditional sheepskin tannery, as well as some impressive views of the surrounding landscape.  As soon as I saw the beautiful window light falling on some of their wares, there was no way I could resist taking this picture.

(They also sell some really, really nice sheepskin rugs and throws, although one of them looked disturbingly like my parent’s labradoodle…)

Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms over Water, Washington DC, USA

Cherry Blossoms over Water, Washington DC, USA

Where does time go?  It seems like only yesterday I updated Journey Photographic… in my defense, the last year has been a blur of major work deadlines, combined with an international move, so it’s been rather busy!   The good news is that regular posting has resumed, and I’ve got quite a build-up of pictures I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone!

This picture was taken at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, an annual festival to celebrate the blooming of the Japanese Cherry trees that line the banks of the Tidal Basin.  The original trees were a gift from the Mayor of Tokyo to the city of Washington DC in 1912.  Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbour, four of the trees were chopped down by vandals.  In the hopes of preventing further attacks, they were referred to as ‘Oriental’ cherry trees for the remainder of the war – I’m not sure how this was supposed to fool anyone, but I guess it worked, as the trees (and their descendants) survived the war without further attacks.

Hesitant Puffin, Scotland

Picture of hestitant puffin against cliffs with moss, lichen and flowers, Lunga, Scotland

Hesitant Puffin, Lunga, Scotland

It may be a little less of a traditional animal portrait than my other puffin pictures, but I think this  more environmental portrait is one of my favourites.  I love the hesitant pose of the little puffin, contemplating making the leap up to the next ledge – maybe he forgot that he has wings?

Tying Lines, Liberty Clipper, Boston

Picture of tiring off lines near bell and life ring on sailing ship, Liberty Clipper, Boston, USA

Tying Lines, Liberty Clipper, Boston

I don’t normally post many pictures of the same subject one after the other – I would hate for you all to get bored! – but I got a special request to put up more pictures from my sail on the Liberty Clipper, and so I’m going to break that ‘rule’ today. This picture is for you, Dad!

Photographically speaking, the lens flare in this shot was unintentional (in contrast to the deliberate flare of the previous sailing picture), but I quite like the effect and the way it is contained to the bell.

Lowering Sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

Picture of sailor lowering sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

Lowering Sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

I was in the US for the 4th of July, so took the opportunity connect with some American history and headed out on a USS Constitution Turnaround Sail on one of the Liberty Fleet Tall Ships.  Not only was this something I’d never done before, it also gave me the opportunity to try out my brand new 5D Mark III, the replacement for my poor dying 7D.  Luckily most of the controls are similar to my old camera, so it didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things!

As for the sail itself, it was a lot of fun. Highly recommended, especially for photographers.

Rocky Mountains through Clouds, Colorado, USA

Black and white aerial landscape picture of Rocky Mountains through clouds, Colorado, USA

Rocky Mountains through the clouds, Colorado, USA

One of my problems when taking pictures from a commercial flight is figuring out afterwards exactly what I’ve taken a picture of, especially if I’m not familiar with the location.  In this case, a quick look at the flight tracker and google maps showed my flight only crossed one significant mountain range, so I feel confident declaring this is a picture of the Rocky Mountains – more exactly, part of the Southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

I could see the thick clouds settled over the mountains as we approached, so didn’t hold out much hope of getting any pictures – I was pleasantly surprised to find some photogenically located gaps in the clouds as we passed over!

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