Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa

Picture of a lone figure walking in the snow, Major's Hill Park, Ottawa

The Long Walk Home, Ottawa

Technically, here in the southern hemisphere we are two weeks into spring, but it sure doesn’t feel like that today!  In honour of today’s chilly weather, I present an appropriately wintery picture from my last trip to Canada.  I arrived in time for the first snow-storm of the season – quite a shock for an Aussie who had never seen snow lying on the ground before.  But despite the weather, there were still a few hardy souls braving the elements, including this lone figure trudging her way home through Major’s Hill Park.

Flowers, Centennial Flame, Canada

picture of red flowers on the eternal flame, canada

Flowers resting on the edge of the Eternal Flame, Canada

The Eternal Flame in front of the Canadian Parliament was lit to commemorate the Canadian Centenary in 1967 – it was originally planned to be removed after a year, but public pressure convinced the government to keep it.

Library of Parliament, Canada

Picture of the Library of Parliament, Canada

Library of Parliament, Canada

Exterior door and facade of the Library of the Canadian Parliament.  The light was incredibly flat and dull that day, which limited the interesting photographic opportunities, but worked well for faux-HDR-type shots which highlight the incredible stonework of the building itself.

Victoria Tower Bell, Ottawa

PIcture of Victoria Tower Bell on Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Victoria Tower Bell, Ottawa

The story of the Victoria Tower Bell, which now rests on Parliament Hill, behind the centre block of the Parliament, is best told by the words inscribed on the bells surface:

“This bell which belonged to the tower clock of the old parliament building was taken from the ruins of the buildings after their destruction by fire on February 3rd 1916. On that memorable night the bell continued to strike the hours until midnight although the tower itself was ablaze from nine o’clock in the evening. After sounding the last stroke of twelve it crashed through the flames to the base of the tower.”

The bell’s inclined position mirrors the angle at which it came to rest after falling.