Looking Down (VII), USA

Aerial landscape picture of the South West desert of the USA from 30000ft

Looking Down (VII) (the view from a plane), USA

Aerial photography on a scheduled commercial flight must be one of the most frustrating photographic pursuits.  You have no control over the subject, the time of day, or the perspective, shooting though tiny panes of thick, dirty plastic at a target that is constantly moving underneath you… when you think about it, getting any decent pictures at all is an indication of just how amazing our planet really is, when viewed from 30,000ft.

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Lamppost, Central Park, New York

Black and white andscape picture of bare trees and path in Central Park, New York

Lamppost, Central Park, New York

Here’s another picture from one of New York’s parks – this time of the stark winter trees and winding paths of Central Park.  Though you can see the Manhattan skyline peeking through the bare branches, with the lamppost in the foreground the scene reminds me of Narnia – an impression probably helped by the freezing weather!

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High Line Reflections, New York

Picture of man in reflective metal wall, High Line Park, New York City, USA

Reflection, High Line Park, New York, USA

The High Line is a 2.3 km raised public park built along an old section of the New York Central Railroad, running along the lower west side of Manhattan; the buildings running either side of the park are fascinating a mix of old and new architecture, many covered in some form of public art.  The day I visited was bitterly cold, though brilliantly sunny, and the park was full of people strolling down the path, admiring the elevated view to the windows and rooftops of New York.

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Macro (I), USA

Aerial landscape picture of Southwest USA from 30,000ft

Macro (I), Somewhere Over the South West Deserts of USA

The common definition of the word ‘macro’ is ‘large scale’, but in the world of photography, its taken on the opposite meaning – extreme close ups of very small things.  It seemed a suitable title for this picture – it may be a large-scale aerial photo, taken from ~ 30,000ft up in the air (about as large-scale as I can manage), but at the same time, it reminds me of a close-up of a rock, piece of wood, or some exotic living organism.  Two meanings for the price of one!

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Bow Bridge, Central Park

Picture of Bow Bridge in winter, Central Park

Bow Bridge in Winter, Central Park

The Bow Bridge, made of cast iron and completed in 1862, is one of the must-sees for  photographers visiting in Central Park.  My first few pictures of this bridge were rather ordinary, but then I got lucky, with this couple pausing briefly on the bridge and providing the central point of focus to bring this picture together.

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Street Food Vendor, New York

Picture of street food seller in Times Square, New York

Street Food Vendor, New York

A street food vendor sells pretzels and hot dogs in Times Square, in front of a street of yellow taxi’s. I still regret not sampling his food, but in deference to the significantly-below-freezing-temperature, I wimped out and headed for an indoor restaurant to defrost instead.

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Wedding Photography, New York

Black and white picture of couple having wedding photos in front of Manhattan Skyline, New York

Wedding Photography, New York

Here’s one of my favourite pictures from New York – while on the night tourist bus, we came across this couple getting their wedding pictures taken in front of the iconic Manhattan skyline.  As far as I’m concerned, this picture alone made sitting out in the freezing open air section of the bus worthwhile – there’s no way I could have taken this through the cracked and stained plexiglass that surrounded the covered (but heated) section.  It also confirmed my belief that it is possible to get good pictures from the top of a tourist bus!