Bird in Columns, Rome

abstract black and white photo of bird in columns, Rome

Bird in Columns, Rome

After our tour of St Peter’s Basilica, my sister patiently waited while I amused myself by making a series of pictures of the omnipresent pigeons among the columns and crowds of St Peter’s Square. (She did, however, draw the line at chasing the pigeons through the columns on cue – not much of an assistant!)

This picture was always intended to be black and white – I like the combined abstraction of the monochrome and the movement.

St Peters Square, Vatican, Rome

St Peters Square, Vatican, Rome

St Peters Square, Vatican, Rome

One of the most fascinating aspects of visiting the Vatican was the contrast between the tourists and the faithful (not that people weren’t both!). This photo was taken early in the morning, before St Peters opened, and before the lines to enter St Peters, which can almost completely encircle the square, had formed. This photo would not have been possible later in the day.