Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa

Snow Benches in Major's Hill Park, Ottawa

Major's Hill Park, Ottawa

On my last visit to Ottawa, I arrived just in time to catch the first real snow-storm of the season. For someone who’d never seen snow before, this was an eye-opening experience. To take this shot of Major’s Hill Park, I was knee-deep in fresh snow, bent over, and desperately trying to keep the lens clean and the camera controls free of the still-falling snow. And despite the bone-chilling cold, this is definitely one of my favourite memories of Ottawa.

18 thoughts on “Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa

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  2. This is an interesting image for me. I don’t know what Major’s Hill park is like today, but I used to live in Ottawa about 15 years ago. Back then, Major’s Hill park was not a place you’d want to go after dark – lots of muggings, etc. For me, this empty, quiet view of the park seems quite appropriate for my memories of it. Looks like it has cleared out at dusk. Nice image.

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