Crab Pots, Ireland

Crab Pots, Ireland

Crab Pots, Ireland

Crab pots are scattered all over the landscape of coastal Ireland;  some discarded, some merely stored for future use.  This brightly coloured pot was balanced precariously on a pile on the Dunquin pier, the traditional departure point for boats to the Blasket Islands.

4 thoughts on “Crab Pots, Ireland

  1. I often notice the little details like this when out photographing, and sometimes take the time to capture them myself, but for some reason they never look quite as interesting as other peoples…. and this is a perfect example… Very nice indeed…

    • Thanks. I have sometimes have a tendency to focus on little details to the detriment of capturing the bigger picture, so I’m glad this worked for you. It’s easy to think other people’s shots look more interesting than our own, but I think that is mostly because we are familiar with our own pictures, while other people’s are new and intriguing to us.

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