Arlington Cemetery, Virginia

gutter arlington cemetery

Fallen Blossoms, Arlington Cemetery

Detail of blossoms in the gutter, Arlington Cemetery. While the rows of headstones are the distinctive icon of Arlington, there are plenty of other small details worth capturing.

8 thoughts on “Arlington Cemetery, Virginia

    • I’ll admit to taking a few general photographs of the headstones in the older sections, but there was a funeral in progress while I was there, and I was horrified to see some people lining up to photograph it. Other people’s loss is not a tourist attraction.

      And thank you for the compliment.

  1. Arlington is the ancestral home of the Lee family. Robert E. Lee led the Confederate Army during the War of Northern Aggression (otherwise known as the US Civil War). They chose his lovely home to bury the dead from that awful war. There are many details of that place I would love to revisit but I find it a terribly sad place.

  2. I really like the combination of elements in this shot. It’s not something that most people would even bother to look at and yet it contains so much to appreciate. Lots of interesting contrasts, lines, curves, diagonals, dark/light, varying textures, etc. Nice!

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