Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory

Lake Amadeus

Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory

Lake Amadeus is the largest salt lake in the Northern Territory. The lake is approximately 50km north of Uluru.

This shot was taken during a helicopter tour (Lizard Safari, with Ayers Rock Helicopters), which I highly recommend. Viewing the landscape from the air gives you an entirely different perspective on the central Australia landmarks, as well as allowing for some nice photographic opportunities.

9 thoughts on “Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory

  1. This is a fascinating shot to me. At first it looks almost like a closeup of a stone, or an abstract watercolor. To learn it is an aerial shot of a salt lake makes it more intriguing.

  2. I still haven’t figured this one out. The bottom of the picture looks like the lake, but then there seems to be the rest of the countryside above it, like it was being reflected from the sky.

    • It’s kinda confusing – while the blue part is water, the whole shot is of the lake bed. I think this particular shot was taken when the helicopter was at an odd angle, which makes it even more disorientating.

  3. This picture completely confused me at first. I thought perhaps you’d taken it hanging upside down from the helicopter, the blends of colour in the lower half almost look like an artist’s intervention to deliberately confuse the viewer’s eye, so it’s stunning to realise it’s au naturale.


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