Street Dancers, Berlin

Street Dancers, Berlin

Street Dancers, Berlin

These street dancers were busking in Pariser Platz, near the Brandenburg Gate.  They had some amazing moves, very few of which I managed to capture on camera.  The only camera I had for this trip was an aging Olympus point-and-shoot lent to me by my mother (thanks Mum!), which, while it would take beautiful images in good light, had a shutter lag of about 2 seconds between pushing the trigger and taking the photo. Trying to photograph fast-moving dancers and acrobats was an exercise in frustration, but worth it for the moments of elation when you knew you managed to catch the right moment.

7 thoughts on “Street Dancers, Berlin

  1. I don’t know what you do, but boy you certainly do get around… It must be amazing to have the opportunity to visit and capture all these different places around the world… And seriously well done here dealing with the shutter lag…

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