Bird in Columns, Rome

abstract black and white photo of bird in columns, Rome

Bird in Columns, Rome

After our tour of St Peter’s Basilica, my sister patiently waited while I amused myself by making a series of pictures of the omnipresent pigeons among the columns and crowds of St Peter’s Square. (She did, however, draw the line at chasing the pigeons through the columns on cue – not much of an assistant!)

This picture was always intended to be black and white – I like the combined abstraction of the monochrome and the movement.

13 thoughts on “Bird in Columns, Rome

  1. What?! She wouldn’t chase them? HOW RUDE!
    It took me a sec to see the bird and when I did, WOW. This is a winner! The columns themselves are already so interesting in bw looking all gritty. But with the addition of the bird, just fantastic.

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