Basil: The Amazing Travelling Owl

Basil at the Tate Modern

Basil at the Tate Modern

And now for something completely different – this is Basil, a tiny ceramic owl my parents bought on a European river cruise a year or so ago. Since then, he’s become something of a travel mascot for everyone in my family, passed around from one person to the next whenever someone goes on holidays. (In case of conflict, most exotic destination wins – last trip Basil got to holiday in Thailand with my sister and her hubby, instead of coming to central Australia with me.)

Since Basil is only an inch high, photographing him while maintaining sufficient depth of field to get a good sense of the location can be a challenge, especially in dim light. But sometimes this can work to your advantage -this abstract background seems quite suitable for a picture taken in the Tate Modern.

15 thoughts on “Basil: The Amazing Travelling Owl

    • Interesting you should say that – I have two versions, this one and one cropped like you suggest. I ultimately went with this version because the bright space is one of the few identifying marks of the building in this shot, but yes, it definitely could be too distracting, especially if you don’t know the building.

      Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to provide some constructive criticism! It’s much appreciated.

  1. I’ve been browsing through your website and what a treat it is. Your photos are lovely. Basil called me to stop here and comment! πŸ™‚

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