Tourists, Buckingham Palace

Picture of tourists in front of Buckingham Palace, London

Tourists, Buckingham Palace

Tourists mill in front of Buckingham Palace, London. To me, this picture captures the colourful chaos outside this major tourist attraction.

(For those curious about the distortion in this picture, this was taken at the extreme end of my 10-20mm zoom – in this case, I quite like the effect, since it matches the circular roundabout/monument on which we are standing.)

6 thoughts on “Tourists, Buckingham Palace

  1. I like this image. If I were in a similar situation, I would probably be bummed that there were so many people between me and my subject (the Palace). I need to start forcing myself to realize that sometimes the people are the subject and the thing I thought was the subject is actually just background. I like the curve to the shot, it does fit the roundabout quite nicely.

    • I felt the same way briefly, but standing pressed up against the central statue, waiting in vain for people to get out of the way, I realised that what was in front of me was far more interesting than the picture I had been planning in my head. So, change of plans – instead of waiting for people to get out of the shot, I started waiting for the right people to get in it, and ended up with a more satisfying (for me) image. I’m glad this picture (and the curve) works for you.

  2. I used to wait for people to get out of my shot too but now I see that people often *make* the shot.

    I like the way this looks a little ‘fish eye’. 🙂

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