Blue Abstract, Floriade, Canberra

abstract picture of a hyacinth flower, floriade

Blue, Floriade

Floriade is Canberra’s annual spring flower festival, which opened this weekend. Yesterday I had a chance to attend one of their photographic workshops, run by Ben Kopilow and Geoff Comfort, which gives early-morning access to the flowers.  After some introductory tips, most of the morning was spent doing your own thing (exactly what I was hoping for), but both Ben and Geoff spent the morning providing detailed hands-on assistance to anyone requiring help.   Geoff was kind enough to lend me an extension tube for the morning, and thus I got my first chance to try my hand at macro photography.  I think I may be converted…

As to what sort of flower this is, I don’t actually know, although I suspect it’s some type of bluebell.  Anyone with actual botanical knowledge who wants to confirm or deny, feel free!  ETA: My mother, botanical genius, has identified these as hyacinths.

(My mother informed me I don’t have enough flower pictures on here, so this one is for you , Mum.  May not have been what you had in mind…)

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