Tate Modern, London

picture of the turbine hall, tate modern, london

The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London

The Tate Modern, Britain’s museum of international modern art, is housed in the old Bankside Power Station.  As well as being interesting architecture to photograph, this is significant since Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the architect of the power station, also designed one of London’s most distinctive features – the omnipresent red telephone boxes.

18 thoughts on “Tate Modern, London

  1. It certainly is quite the inspiring to visit, and you’ve captured it superbly… but from a purely practical perspective I always find myself thinking how the space could be put to better use… LOL… And I never could get my head round the crack in the turbine hall floor that was THE exhibit to see a year or so back… 😉

  2. I really like this image. I like the lines of the architecture and the minimalist feeling I get from it. The inclusion of the people really shows the scale of the space. Nicely done!

  3. Excellent framing…love the simplicity and minimalism (which is what the Tate is about..is it not??) Also – love how the people are dwarfed by the massive structure.

  4. I saw your comment on photographyfree4all and looked here: surprising and impressive illustration of his point about people in “landscapes” – great capture!

    • Thanks Truels – I was hesitant to post the link there, because I didn’t want it to look like shameless self-promotion (*g*) but it just illustrated his point so perfectly! I call this picture ‘Scale’ for a reason 🙂

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