Uluru from the Air, Central Australia

Picture of Uluru (Ayers Rock) from the air, Central Australia

Uluru, Australia

Here’s another Uluru picture,this time from the air.  When it comes to landscapes like this, I highly recommend aerial tours if the budget can stretch to them – they give you an entirely different perspective than you get from the ground.  And they are certainly worth it photographically!

24 thoughts on “Uluru from the Air, Central Australia

  1. Australia is a country which fascinates me and which I would like one day to visit, at least partially so much it is big. Attractive light here on this foreground of ochre rock

    • I’m from Australia – this is one of my closer-to-home posts 🙂 In this case, I was just visiting a friend who lives in Alice Springs, the nearest large town to Uluru (and by nearest, I mean a 5 hour drive). Figured I should get up there while I had someone ‘local’ to play tour guide.

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