View from Mount Solaro, Capri

Picture of the view from Mount Solaro to the Faraglioni, Capri

View from Mount Solaro, Capri

After braving the chair lift to the top of Mount Solaro (the highest point on Capri), you are rewarded with a panoramic view down to the Faraglioni, the rocks off the coast of the island.

31 thoughts on “View from Mount Solaro, Capri

  1. I’m just discovering your photoblog and I’m impressed by the high quality of your work! really like the points of view ant treatment your choose for yours captures. I’ll be back again here!
    Have a nice day.

  2. Wow – just lovely. The Faraglioni are very reminiscent of The Needles off the Isle of White. Capri is definitely on my Places To Visit list. 🙂

  3. Love the depth in the picture created by the most distant mountains going into the sea. The tree on the left is a nice complementary to the islands on the right. Great work!

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