Santa Monica, California

Picture of the shadow of a family, Santa Monica Beach, California

Shadows, Santa Monica Beach, California

This picture of a family at the beach was taken looking down from the famed Santa Monica Pier to the sand below, on my most recent trip to the US.

And while I’m on the subject of recent trips, fair warning – I suspect a lot of the pictures posted to Journey Photographic in the next week or so are going to be from either the US or Hong Kong, since that’s where I’ve been during my little hiatus (well, that and attending out-of-state training courses, handing in the final deliverable for my degree, and farewelling a family member moving overseas). I promise to try and mix it up a bit, to keep things interesting.

28 thoughts on “Santa Monica, California

  1. Love this. People watch their own shadows when walking sometimes. I wonder if it is because it reminds us of our ethereal nature. You have captured that fancy. Plus, it looks like a painting too.

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