Pansies, Floriade

Picture of Pansies in the style of van Gogh, Floriade

Pansies, in the style of...

After spending the morning taking abstract macro pictures of Floriade, I decided to entertain myself in the harsh afternoon sun by trying to create pictures in the style of famous painters, using in-camera techniques only. Pansies is my tribute to the master of post-impressionism, Vincent van Gogh.

19 thoughts on “Pansies, Floriade

  1. Great shot, and a great idea. I have been getting rid of some “useless” shots from my collection – thinking now I should go back and see if I can make something interesting out of them.

    • Yup, all in-camera. It’s pretty simple – I set for the longest shutter speed I could (which, given the bright light, wasn’t very long), and panned the camera vertically while using motor drive. I used the motor drive because you really need to take three shots in each ‘run’, since the first and last you don’t have constant speed, so the effect is different (still cool, but not what I wanted). Easy!

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