Power Lines, Nevada

Picture of Power Lines along the highway near Las Vegas, Nevada

Power Lines, Nevada

Driving along the highways outside Las Vegas, the austere landscape is dominated by power lines.   It was rapidly obvious that taking a photo without them dominating was impossible, but the more I looked the more they became interesting features of the landscape in their own right.

19 thoughts on “Power Lines, Nevada

  1. I think the power lines certainly work in this shot. Many times I’ve driven with the constant companionship of power lines running along the road. As such, this image imparts the feeling of traveling to me. Nicely composed!

  2. You definitely made lemonade here, JP! I don’t know of ANY photog who HASN’T encountered shots that werre ruined by power lines. Here, they add an urban and graphic element that enhances the landscape. Nice!

  3. The power lines really work in this shot. You’ve got nice lines from the guard rail in the bottom, lines from the vegetation and finally the powerlines. I really like the foggy/hazy look to the hills in the background. Great eye to capture this scene!

  4. I feel this photograph — It’s moody, groggy even, like when you wake up but would rather fall back asleep. It has movement (near the blurred rail), depth and stillness, which I find intriguing.

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