Poppy, Floriade

Abstract picture of a poppy, Floriade Canberra

Poppy, Floriade

It’s been a while since I’ve posted more of the Floriade abstract macro series, so here’s another Poppy picture.  This was shot looking up from underneath, with the sun illuminating the petals from within.

13 thoughts on “Poppy, Floriade

  1. Abstract: Having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation. (Online dictionary).

    There come times that we discuss this ‘abstract’ concept in pictorial expression. Photo pictures in our case. I have also looked at the other poppies. They are abstract in the sense that they are representative of the whole. This picture is different in that it does have affective artistic content depending on intrinsic form. The narrative swings the viewer in a direction, minimising the artistic abstract effect.

    Imagine you have posted the picture with only the title ‘Love’ and no further narrative. Leaving everything to the viewer’s imagination.

    I like the picture and think it has great potential on the artistic abstract side. The other stuff I have written is just thinking out loud. In the end it is your picture.

    In general, I have looked around your site and think you have great pictures.

    • Hmm. I think you have a point, about appreciation of images based on intrinsic form/detail, versus our reaction to abstract(‘ish’) images, which provoke a reaction by providing an alternative point of view of a known subject. Ironically, I posted the additional detail this time in response to previous questions about the these set of images – you may be right, that this information is a distraction hen initially viewing the pictures.

      Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the thought-provoking comment!

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