Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Close up picture of the basalt columns of the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is impressive from a distance, but it isn’t until you get up close that you can see all the intricate details, and how perfectly the hexagonal basalt columns fit together.

(You can see more of my pictures of the Giant’s Causeway here .)

27 thoughts on “Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

  1. I have always wanted to visit here, but have never found the time unfortunately. A wonderfully textured frame with subtle tones that feels almost as if we are viewing a colony of underwater flatfish, or giant mushrooms.A super shot.

  2. Ireland is full of these magical creatures! I like that name! Are they really made by nature in this shape?! How strange! Beautiful image, great contrast in colors!

  3. I like the tone of this image and i am amazed about Giant’s Causeway. Did not know that lava can do that, i had to do a small research in wikipedia to fully understand the image.

  4. Hello and thak you for dropping by. You have very beautiful and all kinds of photos here. And from so many places I could spend hours here:)
    Have a fun weekend
    Henrietta from Finland

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