Busker and Crowd, Covent Garden

Black and white picture of a busker in front of the crowd, Covent Garden, London

Busker and crowd, Covent Garden London

Those of you who’ve been watching Journey Photographic for a while will remember how much I love photographing buskers, especially when they are performing to large crowds. This picture was taken around Christmas last year, when the shopping crowd was out in force.  The rest of London was bustling at a frantic pace, but everyone pulled into the orbit of this busker stayed to watch, entranced.

35 thoughts on “Busker and Crowd, Covent Garden

  1. Love the point of view! That way you can see how this busker mesmerizes the crowd! If it wasn’t for the building on the left side and the man in front, it could have been taken in another century!

  2. I, too, really like what you’ve done with this shot! I think it’s the person in the foreground that makes the shot unique. He’s the element that makes me feel like I’m right there as part of the crowd. I love the B&W effect! Love the way the crowd is intent on the busker. Hmm. is a busker a person who balances on a ladder? I’m not familiar with the terminology! But, I love the shot! Great job.

    • Thank you! Buskers are street performers, performing or ‘busking’ in the streets for money from their impromptu audiences (I think busker is an English / Australian term, while you may use ‘street performer’ in the US?). The gentleman in the foreground was the audience ‘volunteer’, pressganged into helping the busker with his act.

  3. This has a really vintage feeling to it. Not just because it’s B&W. Just the way the crowd looks. There’s a little girl right in the middle between the ladder and person in the foreground that really captures my attention for some reason.

    • I think it’s because, architecture and safety vest aside, there is something old-fashioned about buskers, especially these sorts of acts. Nothing fancy, just skill and showmanship, and a crowd willing to be entertained.

  4. This is such a fantastic image. I love how you captured the blaring light as a star over the man’s head. The whole scene is wonderful.

  5. I remember seeing this in my subscription feed and thought I had commented. I’ve never been witness to one of thee performances but I am amazed by your photos of them. In this particular one I love the dynamics of the performer and the crowd, and of course, the star-bursts 🙂 I think the monochrome treatment works wonderfully on it.

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