Watchtower, Mont St Michel

Black and white picture of the watchtower, Mont St Michel, Normandy, France

Watchtower, Mont St Michel

Looking down from the Abbey to one of the towers of Mont St Michel.

33 thoughts on “Watchtower, Mont St Michel

  1. I have been fascinated with this place since I saw it in some magazine when I was a kid. Those crazy tides are totally the setting for some fantasy novel. A definite must do for me if I ever make it to Europe in this lifetime.

  2. Just this past July we visited Mont St. Michel, JP, and found it an incredible place. In your image here, the watchtower looks like a sand castle! Just amazing and such a wonderful POV.

  3. very clever choise b/w for this presentation you have created a wonderful atmosphere with a perfect levels of white and a spectacular contrast, also perfect in viewpoint, really compliments

  4. Can only agree with the rest a stunning black & white image,

    the english counterpart was only 100 miles away from where i grew up, never visited it though,
    maybe next time when i get over to England.

  5. I am adding a visit here during my September vacation to Spain, France and England. As I’m currently deciding how many days to spend in each city that I must see, how many days would you recommend staying in the Mont St. Michel/Normany/Caen area?

    • I’d probably stay the night near Mont St Michel, so you can see it in the morning and evening when it isn’t overrun by tourists. I’m going back there later this year, and that’s what I’m planning.

      Then 1-3 more nights in or around Normandy, depending how much time you want to spend and what you want to see. I spent 3 nights in Bayeux a few years ago, saw the town and the Tapestry and did a battlefield tour, but didn’t get to anywhere else in Normandy. If you wanted to go further afield, or spend more time, I’m sure you could fill 5 nights without much trouble, but I haven’t tried.

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