View at 30,000ft

Picture of clouds and space, the view from 30,000 ft

View from 30,000 ft

Inspired by Charlene Winfred‘s pictures from her flight from Perth to Sydney, I made sure I had a camera handy on one of my most recent flights.Β  You certainly get a whole new perspective on the world when you are 30,000 ft above it.

50 thoughts on “View at 30,000ft

  1. I’ve seen many pointless airplane window shots but this is not one of them. This photo is a truly amazing shot, which makes me want to get on a plane to reproduce it. Very impressive!

  2. First the cloud, then space! (the final frontier… these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise)

    You’re right about everything being better from the air. Not “better” per se, but perhaps just mindbogglingly different from what we’re used to, up close and personal.

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