Window View, Mont St Michel

Black and white view from a slit window, Mont St Michel, France

View, Mont St Michel, France

2011 is fast approaching here in Australia. On one of the noisiest nights of the year, I thought it appropriate to post a quiet and reflective picture, since the crowd outside my window is anything but!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s read and commented on Journey Photographic since its inception. It’s been a great six months or so – here’s to many more!  I hope everyone has a happy new year, and a safe and successful 2011.

(See more pictures of Mont St Michel on Journey Photographic.)

34 thoughts on “Window View, Mont St Michel

    • Thanks. To get the posts to go under the categories, use the custom menu feature. Create a new menu that includes the categories you want, and then just add the categories to the posts as usual, and Bob’s your uncle 🙂 Only catch is that you need a theme that supports custom menus – some of them don’t.

      Drop me a line if you need a hand with it.

  1. Ou tell me about noise…I go to work tomorrow and I really don’t know how I get to sleep. I fu……hate new year night…sorry.
    Anyway I hope you very creative next year, it has been so wonderful to see with you the world.I hope you are safe, they told in finnish television news about the floods in Queensland.
    Love Henrietta

  2. Love it. Black and white works well as with the strong framing. Apart from the fireworks it was quite here in my hometown. Could not even hear any parties!

    Cheers enjoy 2011.

  3. Would love to visit. Always feared they would be too many tourists (me included 😉 A superb framing, original, inventive, superbly enjoyable in this lightful mono. H@ppy *11* to you & yours.

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