Roman Forum, Rome

Duotoned picture of buildings in the Roman Forum, Rome

Roman Forum, Rome

There’s nothing like pictures of an Empire long gone to usher in the new year.  This was taken at the entrance to the Roman Forum.

Since it’s the first day of the new year, I have a few photographic New Years Resolutions I thought I should share with you all. The general idea is that if I post them here, someone may hold me to account when I start to waver!

So, in no particular order:

  1. Visit at least one new country in 2011. I’ve been doing well on this one since 2007, so hopefully this year won’t break the trend!
  2. Work on at least one long-term photographic project over 2011. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, now I just need to put them into action… easier said than done.
  3. Post at least 5 days a week here on Journey Photographic. As part of the inspirational PostADay/PostAWeek community, I’ve committed to 5 posts a week. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyone else got any photographic New Years Resolutions they’d care to share?

(See more pictures of Rome at Journey Photographic here.)

27 thoughts on “Roman Forum, Rome

  1. Excellent view! Very unusual and great composition.
    Have a nice day, and all my best wishes for 2011!! (hope you will discover an other country and share with us some fantastic picture!)

  2. I think my only photographic resolution would be to try to move outside of my comfort zone and try to do some different things with my photography. Don’t quite know what that will entail at this point.

    Terrific image BTW. The angle is interesting and I like the black & white processing.

  3. My hopes for 2011 are to travel more and maybe eat less. That second one is hard! I love trying new food in new places. We are going to Spain this year. So far I have only been to Barcelona, which I loved, and Malaga, but that was 38 years ago and hardly counts. So Spain, here we come. There will also be Italy, of course, Germany, Finland and perhaps France and Belgium later in the year and who who knows waht else. Keep up the great photos. Happy New Blogging Year.

  4. Love the treatment, angle and subject!

    This year I want to get to a Rocco Ancora wedding workshop. He is my hero in the wedding world.
    And it would be brilliant to see as much as you have!


  5. Best of luck with the resolutions! We’ll make sure we demand enough from you to make u travel across the world! u are welcome to India any time!

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