Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Black and white picture of couple walking in snow, Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Couple stroll beside Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Sub-zero temperatures weren’t enough to stop this couple taking a romantic stroll alongside the partially-frozen Rideau Canal.

(See more pictures of the Rideau Canal on Journey Photographic here)

37 thoughts on “Rideau Canal, Ottawa

  1. I’m a sucker for photos toned like this one….nice! The lights just float in air adding to the airiness of the image.

    Did you happen to snap any with the couple closeer. I can just picture them between the two closest light poles in the frame…not even sure why…

    • I agree with you – before I posted this, I went through the archive and looked for a shot of them closer, but I don’t have one, unfortunately. I hate it when you realise what you should have done after the fact!

  2. Very nice. It would be interesting to have information on when the images are taken. I’m curious if this is recent. Would love to visit Ottawa in the winter when they are skating on the canal.

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