Bus Stop, Hong Kong

Picture of silhouettes of people waiting at a bus stop, Nathan Road, Hong Kong

Bus Stop, Hong Kong

Pedestrians wait at a bus stop in Nathan Road, Hong Kong.

In accordance with tradition, I made sure we went on an open top double-decker tour bus ride during our stay in Hong Kong.  I’ve said before that these buses give a slightly different perspective to the normal street level view of life, and this was no exception.  (Also in accordance with tradition, it started to rain as soon as we got on, and the plastic ponchos thoughtfully provided by the operator turned into plastic nooses as soon as the bus started to get up any speed.  Oh well.)

(See more pictures from Hong Kong on Journey Photographic here)

29 thoughts on “Bus Stop, Hong Kong

  1. Lovely contrast between light and shadows!
    I have never been to Hong Kong…

    But I think the best bus stops can be found in Singapore.
    Their seats are aligned diagonally so that passengers don’t have to turn their heads to check their buses! Ha…

  2. Awesome! Really cool framing. Love how the foreground people are sillouhetted with the ad behind so vibrant. Nicely captured. And shot in the rain?

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