The Pool Cleaners, Washington D.C.

Black and white picture of people cleaning the pool in front of the US Capitol, Washington D.C.

Cleaning the Pool, Washington D.C. (April 2009)

This was taken on my first trip to the US.Ā  It’s still one of my favourite pictures – it just seems to have a whole story wrapped up inside it.

(See more pictures of the United States Capitol on Journey Photographic here)

32 thoughts on “The Pool Cleaners, Washington D.C.

    • My overwhelming impression of Washington (at least in the centre) is size. Not terms of the city itself, but everything in it. Each building feels massive, and solid, and every road wide. The cars are larger the average, and the monuments are too.

  1. You’ve seen something I’ve never seen, JP, even though I’m from America, so kudos to you. I was immediately taken to the Tuileries Garden which I have seen, and wonder what all is found when they have to clean it out. That would be a treasure hunt for sure at either place. šŸ™‚

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