Uluru, Nothern Territory

Picture of Uluru (Ayers Rock), Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru, Northern Territory (April 2010)

A patch of light illuminates the side of Uluru, in the Northern Territory.

(See more pictures of Uluru on Journey Photographic here)

45 thoughts on “Uluru, Nothern Territory

  1. Excellent lighting captured in this shot and the high thin clouds seem to play well against the lens bow of the rock formation. A composition that certainly works well.

  2. Love that golden glow over the mountain, you were there at just the right moment! Impressive landscape with beautiful colors, love all those wild flowers in the foreground.

  3. When we were in Sydney and Brisbane (and then Magnetic Island) a few years ago, JP, we so much wanted to see Ayers Rock but just couldn’t do everything. Maybe one day? I’m sure it has many moods, depending on what time of the day you are there.

    • No – it was closed, first due to someone dying on the way down (heart attack) and then due to high winds. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t anyway, given how many signs they’ve got up now asking people not to climb it.

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