Window and Chair, Bayeux

Duotoned picture of window, chair and room in Bayeux, Normandy

Window and Chair, Bayeux, Normandy (March 2007)

I was flicking through one of my old catalogs when I stumbled across this image from a Bed-and-Breakfast in Bayeux. I hadn’t given it a second glance when I first sorted the pictures from this trip – I guess this is why it pays to look at things with fresh eyes sometimes.

Incidentally, this was the B&B was that cemented my dislike of B&Bs. I’d always disliked the feeling of staying in someone else’s home, but the gentleman running this place took such pains to point out – at great length – all the valuable antiques in the room (including the chair in this picture) that I spent the entire stay too terrified to relax in my room in case I broke something. Still, at least they made for a nice picture!

(See more pictures from Normandy on Journey Photographic here)

43 thoughts on “Window and Chair, Bayeux

  1. I can imagine that feeling of being worried about sitting in the antique chair, or knocking a rare and prized painting from the wall. Not how to feel welcome and comfortable at all. I bet those lanterns outside are imported Ming dynasty! I also agree, such accommodation often feels so personal as to be overwhelming, whereas the sterility of a hotel room always allows me just to chill and use it as the base to sleep that is is for the duration of my stay.

    A sultry and atmospheric frame that beautifully captures the room and that chair. This could be a brochure shot in it’s own right. A terrific frame and post.

  2. The lighting is just wonderful here, JP, and the chair even looks gorgeous enough to sit on. If they have it in a B&B, don’t worry about ‘using’it, is my motto. That’s what it’s there for. But they should know when to shut up and leave you alone!

  3. I had the same thought as Ken, why put a chair (and table) in front of a door? I like how the natural light beckons you to the chair, I can just imagine emerging myself into a good book while sitting there!

  4. Wow, that’s a fantastic photograph – I’m glad you rediscovered it! I love the gentle light coming through the curtains. The beautiful street lamps contribute to an antique and mystique atmosphere… I love it!

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