Oopsie Mamushka, Covent Garden, London

Picture of string quartet buskers, Oopsie Mamushka, Covent Garden, London

Oopsie Mamushka, Covent Garden, London (August 2009)

A recent post by David Sobik reminded me that I’ve been remiss about posting any busker shots lately, so here’s another shot of everyone’s favourite busking string ensemble, Oopsie Mamushka, in Covent Garden, London.  (Warning – the link plays music.)

(See more pictures of Oopsie Mamushka on Journey Photographic here)

44 thoughts on “Oopsie Mamushka, Covent Garden, London

    • I like the music too, but I know some people (I’m one of them) that really don’t like being linked to sites with music with no warning.

      Walking, dancing, kicking, jumping – they are the most active musicians I’ve ever seen.

  1. Hello JP, thanks for the mention! Buskers are great subjects indeed. We don’t see many here in my town next time I am in the big smoke I will be keeping an eye out!

    Love the saturation in the instruments.


    • Yeah, I spent a while trying to get the right balance – the nice part about this shot is, because of their motion and the angle the picture was taken, I was effectively panning with the lead cellist, and everyone else had a slight motion blur. It made sense to accentuate this with the vignette.

  2. I usually look at sites with my speakers turned off unless I’m specifically following an audio or video link, so I put my speakers on for that – nice! As was your photo which I saw a moment or two ago but which seems to have mysteriously vanished from my screen!

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