Romance, Las Vegas

Black and white picture of a couple watching the Bellagio fountains in front of the Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas

Romance, Las Vegas (October 2010)

A couple watches the dancing fountains of the Bellagio, while the Eiffel Tower glows in the background. Not a bad amount of romance for a place known as Sin City!

(See more pictures from the USA on Journey Photographic here)

40 thoughts on “Romance, Las Vegas

  1. Still oen of my favourite locations on the planet for excess and fun, when I want to blow off some steam and grab some street shots. This is a wonderful image that throws romance into sin city, and why not.

  2. Great shot! However, (small crit) I think I would like the bottom area to be darker as I find the lower left corner to be drawing my eye and then I see those two small silhouettes and I begin to wonder why they are there, etc. When I put my hand over them, my focus returns to the romantic couple. I also very much like the B&W processing…very elegant!

    • Thanks Tracy, and thanks for taking the time to leave crit – it;s much appreciated! I was wondering if anyone was going to remark on those two silhouettes – I deliberately left them in there, partly as a small nod to the fact that the scene was nowhere near as deserted as it seemed. But you may be right, they may just be a distraction from the main subject – I’ll have another play with this shot in the future.

      • Interesting thought. What do I know?? Some might say the two small silhouettes complete the composition triangle: the two small silhouettes -> to the two lights -> to the tower -> to the main couple – >back tot he two small silhouettes. Hmmmm…..does give one something to ponder, now doesn’t it?

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