Bear, Berlin

Picture of bear on shop sign in Berlin, Germany

Bear Signs, Berlin (April 2008)

Images of bears are ubiquitous in Berlin (especially with the presence of Buddy Bears), popping up in all sorts of locations.  This sign for fashion shop ‘Look 54’ immediately grabbed my attention – a catchy bear-incorporating contemporary logo, sandwiched in between wonderful old-fashioned details.  It seemed very Berlin.

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14 thoughts on “Bear, Berlin

  1. I can so see why this attracted your attention, with such a charm incorporating the bear into the olde wordly writing, and a wonderful textural quality to the frame with the window reflections and architecture. Really well observed and captured, and yes, so Berlin.

  2. I spent several weeks on a trip to Berlin photos, we were a dozen photographers to work on different themes. I loved this city, the bridges are too many bears! Your image is very relevant and we present a bear I’ve ever met. Good weekend to you.

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