Lemons, Sorrento

Picture of a lady shopping for giant lemons, Sorrento, Italy

Lemons, Sorrento (September 2009)

A woman inspects the famous (and giant) lemons of Sorrento. Appropriately, the card in her hand is a discount offer for Limoncello, the alcoholic end state for many of the Sorrento lemons.

(See more pictures of Italy on Journey Photographic here)

39 thoughts on “Lemons, Sorrento

  1. Mmm, can has lemon, please. I never knew my favourite citrus grew so big, I love the shades of yellow and green contrasted against the woman’s weathered hands here.

  2. Great photo. The inclusion of the hands really give us an idea of the relative size of the lemons. I never knew they grew so large.

  3. Absolutely the largest lemons I’ve ever seen. Where have I been, I’ve never heard of the giant lemons of Sorrento? Wonderful job capturing this moment.

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