Palais Garnier (+ Travel Photography Tips)

Picture of the Grand Staircase of the Palais Garnier (Paris Opera), Paris

Grand Staircase, Palais Garnier (September 2009)

Trying to visit the famous Palais Garnier was an exercise in frustration – every time we visited, it was closed, either for rehearsals, performances, or some other unknown reason. But eventually, our persistence paid off, and we made it inside.

Travel Photography Tips

On a completely different note, as of this weekend, there’s going to be a new section on Journey Photographic – Travel Photography Tips.

Why? Because a camera can be a notoriously fickle beast, and sometimes getting your holiday pictures to live up to the reality can be a struggle. I’ve heard a lot of people lament that their holiday shots don’t really capture their memories of their experience – hopefully this is going to help with that!

These tips are for anyone who wants to improve their travel photography, regardless of what type of camera you have – point-n-shot or SLR, it’s all good. It’s not going to be particularly technical, this is purely a way for me to pass on some tips and tricks I’ve learnt over a few years of trial and error when it comes to taking travel pictures, with limited time, options and equipment.

So, starting this Sunday, I’ll post a a weekly Travel Photography Tip, until I either run out of things to say, or you all beg me to stop 🙂

46 thoughts on “Palais Garnier (+ Travel Photography Tips)

  1. Never been there – looks like a fantastic place. I like the dark feeling to the picture, and the symmetry works well – with the two sculptures (?) in the middle.

  2. Wonderful photo here. It’s so extravagant it looks like a movie set. The lighting must of made this a tricky shot. I look forward to the upcoming travel photo tips and I’m thinking you’ll “cry uncle” before I do. 🙂

    • It’s such a theatrical building, which I guess makes sense given its purpose. 🙂 Low light made it a bit tricky, but some nice person had left a table where I wanted to take this shot, which provided a convenient rest for the long-ish exposure.

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