Watchtower, Mont St Michel

Picture of the watchtower, Mont St Michel, Normandy, France

Watchtower, Mont St Michel

(See more pictures from Mont St Michel on Journey Photographic here)

Apologies to anyone who has had difficulties seeing the pictures the last couple of days, and thanks to everyone who let me know. The problem should be fixed now, at least for all new posts.  Don’t you just love I.T.?

48 thoughts on “Watchtower, Mont St Michel

  1. Sometimes…as an answer about I.T. I do however love this Watchtower photo. Beautiful perspective, wonderful soft light and amazing details. The tower looks to fully live up to it’s purpose — what a view.

  2. Thanks for fixing it and could you please let me know how you fixed it, because there are 2 more
    photoblogs I can’t visit because of this problem and maybe I could pass on your solution to the owners.
    Thanks in advance!
    A beautiful photo and I love those silver color tones, like a picture from a fairy tale with knights in
    shining armor and beautiful princesses waiting to be rescued 😉

    • Unfortunately, I fixed it by using wordpress to host my pictures, avoiding imageshack entirely. I’ve had some resizing related problems with wordpress in the past, but it seems to be working now (fingers crossed). I’m not sure what is going on with imageshack, but they’ve obviously made some changes to their service which is causing problems for a lot of people.

      I’m glad you like the picture – this could definitely be a fairy-tale castle!

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