Black Cabs and Red Buses, London

Picture of black cab and red buses in Piccadilly Circus, London

Black Cabs and Red Buses, London

Black Cabs and Red Buses in Piccadilly Circus, London; it doesn’t get much more English than that!

(See more pictures of London on Journey Photographic here)

45 thoughts on “Black Cabs and Red Buses, London

  1. what a great shot – and yes, you’ve captured all the essence of London in this. I like your photos of London much more than mine, I never like how my shots turn out in typical overcast London weather. What’s your secret?

    • Thanks Tracy! No real secret – the only things I do are expose to ensure the skies aren’t blown out (which occasionally means underexposing other areas), and use some relatively high-contrast processing to compensate for the often-dull light.

      (As a side note, I love the warm summery feeling you create in your travel photography, it’s something I struggle with a lot.)

  2. Both very representative for London and set in a great decor with all those fabulous buildings!
    Love the post processing which brings out all those contrasting colors.

  3. A composition as I like them, teeming with details. I like the brightness of the red of the bus in the middle of this set and of course the classic taxi. A wonderful city !

  4. Ho…Wow , I love your picture the red bus and can imagine back to the London at that time when I was young.
    Long time ago,I do love that picture .Kindly let me know incase I want to correct the picture to reconize the memories of
    London by your great shot…..?

  5. Hi,

    Love the photo and would love to use it on our webpage.
    May I and if yes, in what way do you want the attribution shown? as a copyright symbol, with a link to a webpage in the imprint or??

    Thanks for the reply in advance!

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