Blasket Islands, Ireland

Picture of the Blasket Islands, Ireland, Impressionist-Style

Blasket Islands, Ireland

When you are taking pictures on a small boat, in fairly choppy seas where the Atlantic Ocean meets Europe, you can expect some blurry pictures.  And every so often, you get a happy accident 🙂

No, the original wasn’t this blurry – in fact, at the size I post things on the blog it probably would have passed as sharp – but I could see the hints of something interesting and decided to run with it.  Let’s just say this is another of those inspired by Impressionism pictures.  (It also looks a lot better on a black background, but since that isn’t something I can do on this blog you’ll just have to trust me on that one.)

(See more pictures from the Blasket Islands on Journey Photographic here)

29 thoughts on “Blasket Islands, Ireland

  1. Wow,
    This shot looks like a Van Gout. Its what moments are made of and photography is really the only medium that can capture such titbits of time and space, provide there is a competent photographer behind the camera like in this instance. I really really really like this shot. Fantastic.

  2. For me, “running with it” paid off with dividends. It’s more about an emotional response rather than how sharp or realistic an image is. This one works and I like it!

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