Living Statue, Paris

Picture of a Living Statue Pharaoh Busker in Paris, France

Living Statue, Paris

This Living Statue posed in a Pharaoh’s mask on the steps of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Paris.

(See more pictures of Buskers on Journey Photographic here)

46 thoughts on “Living Statue, Paris

  1. This is curious! Have you adjusted the colours of the figure in the foreground in contrast to the fountain, or is that my tired eyes deceiving me?

    (When you titled this ‘living statue’, I actually thought you might have captured something of the Weeping Angels and survived to tell the tale.)

    • Not 100% sure what you mean… pretty much all the adjustments (just curves, clarity and contrast) were made globally, so should affect everything in the picture.

      No Weeping Angels (thank goodness). But just in case… Don’t Blink.

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