Mezquita-Catedral, Cordoba

Picture of the arches of the Cathedral Mosque, Cordoba, Spain

Cathedral-Mosque, Cordoba

Annnd, we’re back!  Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed while I was away – it was much appreciated.  The good news is that I have a whole lot of new pictures to share!  I hope you all like pictures from Spain, since I think there’s going to be a few of them showing up here in the near future  🙂

The picture above is of the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba.  Built on the site of a pagan temple, the Cathedral-Mosque (or Mosque-Cathedral, depending on your point of view) was first a Visigoth church, a Mosque, a bigger Mosque, an even bigger Mosque, and finally a Roman-Catholic Cathedral.  The Cathedral-Mosque is famous for its stunning Moorish architecture, including its distinctive columns and double-arches, which are made of alternating brick and sandstone for both strength and earthquake-proof flexibility.


22 thoughts on “Mezquita-Catedral, Cordoba

  1. Talk about a complicated history. I went and read up the wikipedia entry since you so graciously provided the link. It’s certainly seen it’s fair share of history. But what a gorgeous building (or buildings. I suppose plural wouldn’t be too wrong here?).

    The Mezquita makes me think of Khazad Dum in Lord of the Rings though. I can’t help that i am sad! 😀

    • It’s mostly one building (or a building within a building) – every time they extended, they knocked down a wall and sort-of-almost-perfectly copied the rest of the building, so if you don’t look too close it seems a unified whole. Apart from the church part, which is sort of resting in the middle.

      Not sad at all! Unfortunately, in person the columns aren’t really high enough to resemble Khazad Dum too strongly.

  2. You have really captured the architectural splendour and beauty of this most significant and historic location, and the light is exquisite in this frame. Making the architecture earth quake proof seems a prudent move when we consider the gravity of some of the quakes just lately. A superb photograph and great background information.

    • Thank you! Earthquake-proofing is particularly important when you realise that, in one section of the building, they didn’t do it (cost-cutting is apparently not a modern phenomenon), and it’s the part that is damaged due to previous quakes.

  3. Astonishing architecture!
    I love Andalusia.

    I just moved recently. I will regain my full internet access on the 11 July 2011.
    Now, it’s just temporary connection. 😦
    Please bear with me.

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