Flamenco, Spain

Black and white picture of a flamenco dancer with shawl

Flamenco, Spain

No one really knows the origin of Flamenco, but it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.  We went to three shows, and two were absolutely brilliant (the other was… not so much). This picture is from one of the many flamenco restaurants in Madrid, Torres Bermejas, which I would highly recommend.  (On a photographic note, the flamenco shows present a lot of challenges – low, uneven lighting, and limited views around other patron’s heads, but there are some wonderful photos to be had if you are willing to work around these limitations.)

38 thoughts on “Flamenco, Spain

  1. This is a truly magnificent image, and the fact that you chose black and white for it, allows one to concentrate on the gorgeous lines and movement.
    Beautifully captured!

  2. You are making us, spanish, a favor updating and enhancing the flamenco images. The bw captures the drama and intensity of the dancing.

  3. Wow – what a stunning monochrome! I love the dark background in comparison to the highlights of the dancers dress. The movement you’ve captured is absolutely stunning, it’s a real classic! Many compliments.

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