Flamenco, Spain

Picture of a flamenco dancer, Granada, Spain

Flamenco, Spain

If you get the impression I enjoyed taking pictures of the flamenco dancers, you’d be right šŸ™‚Ā  This picture was taken during the least impressive show – its one advantage is that the lacklustre performance didn’t distract me from taking pictures!

65 thoughts on “Flamenco, Spain

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  2. Hi from Spain,
    I love this shot. First, those incredible colors temporizes and updates the flamenco icon image. Love it, love it , love it. Please send it to the marketing tourist offices in Spain!!.
    The composition goes right to the heart of the flamenco dancing and the movement make it real for those that never saw this kind of dance. Perfect!!

    Saludos from a very grateful andalusian woman šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Lola! Your country is beautiful, and your music and dancing amazing. It was an honour to get chance to photograph it! As for the Spanish Tourism and marketing – if you know anybody there, fell free to get them to give me a call šŸ™‚

  3. Terrific photo. Great motion and color. My camera bag is entirely dependent on where I’m going and what my means of travel is. But one thing I never travel without which I didn’t see mentioned is a tripod.

    • Transport definitely makes a difference. Living in Australia, one way or another most of my travel involves flying, so I pack around that.

      It’s interesting you say that – my guilty photography secret is that I don’t use a tripod! I have a gorilla-pod which I take with me most places (and which normally stays in my bag), but that’s it. I love the way everyone has different ‘must-have’ pieces of kit.

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