Horse and Carriage, Seville

Black and white picture of a horse drawn carriage tour, Seville, Spain

Horse and Carriage, Seville

Barrio Santa Cruz, the old Jewish Quarter of Seville,is a maze of narrow, winding lanes, streets, and squares.  (And I do mean maze – we got lost more times than should be possible in 3 days).  We couldn’t resist taking a tour of the area in one of the many horse-drawn carriages which were massed  in front of all of Seville’s major  attractions.  Incredibly touristy?  Absolutely, but still a great way to see the city.

30 thoughts on “Horse and Carriage, Seville

  1. We loved Seville, especially this area. I probably photographed that same horse. I want to live in the Alcazar in Seville, which I think is what I called my post from there.

  2. carriage rides and getting lost in Seville, it all sounds like the stuff of a romance novel!. for you it appears to be the stuff of great photographs. I am enjoying your travels! thanks for sharing with us.

    • We stayed at a not-very-famous hostal in the middle of Granada 🙂 I loved both the Alhambra and the Mezquita – the detail and lightness of the Alhambra is breathtaking, but the atmosphere of the Mezquita, all thoses arches, is definitely amazing.

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