Pug and Doors, Hong Kong

Picture of a pug dog in front of orange and blue roller door, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Pug and Door, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Just to prove I can still post photos from somewhere other than Spain, here’s one of my favourite shots from Hong Kong.Β  This was taken at the top of Lantau Island, near the Tian Tan Buddha.

51 thoughts on “Pug and Doors, Hong Kong

  1. The type of picture that I like. Something very graphical like the doors with their lines, and something from life (the pug) as a highlight.

  2. Nice abstract quality in this with the colors and shapes. The pug is a little added bonus. As someone that has a great deal of trouble trying to travel, I certainly admire how much you get around. I also wonder how you manage it!

  3. Love this photograph! I have 2 pugs of my own so I may be a bit bias…they are very photogenic:) The Blue and Orange works fantasticly…great shot

  4. Gorgeous! This photo really captures the grittiness (and the snazzy bright colours) of Hong Kong. Plus we do love our dogs here. πŸ˜‰

    On a more coincidential note, I love how it’s been deftly inserted among all the shots of Spain – I’ve just moved back from a year there and we have visited many of the same places! I think I even recognise the stage set from the flamenco place in Seville… (actually here it is! http://notesplusultra.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/flamenco_7.jpg)

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