Fountains and Lions, Trafalgar Square, London

Picture of fountain and lions in Trafalgar Square, London.

Trafalgar Square, London

Even early on a cold, foggy winter morning, there are people wandering amongst the lions and fountains of Trafalgar Square.

26 thoughts on “Fountains and Lions, Trafalgar Square, London

  1. A really cool POV for this frame and the fog adds such a wonderful ambiance to a superb composition. Depth of focus, tones and capture of the available light and atmospheric conditions are all spot on in a realy refreshing shot from this iconic location.

    • I don’t think I’ve tried taking a picture of this statue looking the other way. I think it’s great that, even in an iconic location like this, everyone can take a different picture (even if we do copy occasionally)!

  2. The shallow depth of field makes this even more interesting than having the background in focus. The inclusion of the woman gives it some scale. Very nice.

  3. I have seen many photos of Trafalgar Square but non of them incorporated the fountain and the lions as perfectly as in your version – many compliments! I love the wonderful depth of field and the desaturated tones a lot. Bravo!

  4. Fantastic shot. I was just in London myself but I only had sunny weather and no fog – not complaining, though! How do you post process your images – I enjoy the colour and feel of all your images?

    • Thanks Ben! I wouldn’t complain about sun in London 🙂

      I use Lightroom to process 90% of my shots – highly recommended! When processing my pictures I generally try and enhance what is already in the images, but keeping it natural and not too obvious. So for example, the fog left this scene naturally desaturated, so I worked with that when I was processing this shot.

      If you have any specific questions, just let me know!

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Alright cool – I’m actually an aperture user but that’s just my preference – I started on aperture so things are easy for me here. I was more interested in the colour / mood of you’re photos. Do you use a preset or just stick to working with the saturation, and other standard editing controls?

        • It’s all personal preference and what you’re used to! I don’t use presets much, except for a couple of black and white ones. When I do, I use them just a starting point, and adjust to suit the specific picture. From there, it’s mostly working with the tone curve, the ‘clarity’ (that’s the LR name, not sure what the aperture equivalent it), any local adjustments (usually to brightness, to draw the attention where I want it). For pictures like this, or the monochrome ones, it’s using the saturation tool and occasionally some split toning, depending on the feel.

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