Grand Staircase, Palais Garnier, Paris

Black and white picture of the grand staircase, Palais Garnier

Grand Staircase, Palais Garnier, Paris

The Grand Staircase is the centerpiece of the Palais Garnier, otherwise known as the Paris Opera.  This Opera House was the inspiration for the Opera House of The Phantom of the Opera.

(See more pictures of the Palais Garnier on Journey Photographic here)

55 thoughts on “Grand Staircase, Palais Garnier, Paris

  1. One of my favorite movies, JP, which I also own. I love seeing your image of the staircase. What a thrill it would be to see it with my own eyes!

  2. Simply awesome JP. Composition and tones with the sepia giving such an air or aged authenticity to the subject matter, work berautifully here and the POV gives a commanding view over the grand and ornate architecture. A wonderful frame.

    On a technical note, I’m one of those photographers who finds the Exif data as fascinating as the frame captured, telling the story of how the image was visualized and captured by the eye behind the lens. I’d love to know the details behind this frame.

    • Thanks Paul! Ask and ye shall receive 🙂 1/50s, f/4.0, ISO1600. No flash, handheld, and probably with some negative exposure compensation to enhance the atmosphere and stop the low light from fooling the camera into overexposing in comparison to the reality.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous!
    I love all of the wonderful lines and the beautiful sepia tones.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  4. I love the POV and the processing. Very compelling image! The staircase also reminds me of the grand starecase in the movie Titanic. Obviously not the same, but very similar.

  5. Wow – that is a fabulous image! I love how you’ve captured the atmosphere, the interplay between light and shadow created by the chandeliers and wall lights is wonderful.

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