Flamenco (V), Spain

Colour picture of a flamenco dancer with green skirt and red shoes, Granada, Spain

Flameno (V), Granada, Spain

I just noticed the front page of the blog was looking a little monochromatic, so let’s brighten things up with another colourful flamenco picture! You can find more pictures of Flamenco dancers on Journey Photographic here.

Also, I’ve just figured out how to turn on all the little sharing icons (I can be a little IT challenged!), so if you like the picture, you can now click one of the little icons below to share it on your favourite social network 🙂

37 thoughts on “Flamenco (V), Spain

    • I’ve made a few prints of these, and they do look good together. Now I just need to find somewhere to put them! I’m so glad these make you want to dance – I feel the same way (and pose the same danger to anyone close!).

  1. awesome, awesome, awesome. this is one of your best! I love it. right away you put me in that room. i can hear the music, smell the surroundings, taste the wine and cigar smoke. I love this picture!

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