Badge-Man, Camden Markets, London

Picture of badge man, Camden Markets, London

Badge-Man, Camden Markets, London

While wandering through Camden Market, I spotted this interesting display of badges, and couldn’t resist taking a picture. I’ve dubbed him Badge-Man.

Incidentally, if you want to visit Camden Markets and haven’t been before, I highly recommend the London Walks Old Camden Town walking tour, as it lets you get a feel for the sprawling and interconnected series of markets.  It ends after a walk-through of the markets, so you can easily return to explore (and shop) at your leisure. Without it I’m sure I would have been completely lost!

22 thoughts on “Badge-Man, Camden Markets, London

  1. Oh my goodness, I saw something very similar to this, here at an art store the other day!
    Almost the very same base, but this one was covered in buttons. A really wonderful work of art!

  2. Oh man, Camden market and Camden lock were my regular haunts back in the early Eighties in the days when it was THE place to strut your stuff and buy rare vinyl albums (I was and am a massive David Bowie fan, and that was the main market where the traders pitched up). I have not been in so many years.

    That’s a great photograph and I love badge man. Sort of chilling and eerie in a very cool way. Buy a badge or he’ll come and track you down in your deepest, darkest dreams! Very cool, JP, and the reflection behind him is a very neat touch.

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