Doors, Sagrada Familia, Spain

Picture of the doors of the Passion Facade of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Doors of the Passion Facade, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Every inch of the exterior of the Sagrada Familia is exquisitely detailed, including this set of doors in the Passion facade.

(See more pictures of the Sagrada Familia on Journey Photographic here)

32 thoughts on “Doors, Sagrada Familia, Spain

  1. So intricate. You know when I travel my family makes fun of me because they always ask how many door and window shots I’m going to take. I think the variety and uniqueness of doors when you travel to different countries is beautiful.

    • I love taking pictures of doors and windows – every country seems to have their own style, and then you have people like Gaudi, that can make a simple door an artwork all of it’s own. Door photographers of the world unite!

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